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LAUFA Van Use Request

UPLOAD primary driver driver's license
UPLOAD secondary driver driver's license


Please review the LAUFA vehicle usage policies and conditions below - then scroll down to accept the polices and then submit your request

LAUFA Van Use Policies


LAUFA has a vehicle(s) that can be used for authorized club activities.  This vehicle is a valuable added benefit to the players/teams and will positively reflect the quality and brand of LAUFA.


Who can use the LAUFA van?

Any LAUFA team can request the use of the van by filling out the online form at

The form will ask things like name of team, name of event, responsible adult(s), driver name + driver’s license, alternate driver info, etc.


Who gets to use the van if there are multiple requests?

Selection/preference of which team get to use the LAUFA van will be decided based on a combination of the following criteria (in no particular order):

  • Tournament participation

  • Distance to be travelled

  • Proper past use of van by a team (cleanliness, fuel refill, etc)

  • Advance booking (sooner the better)

  • Team level


Van use rules:

  • Driver(s) must have a valid driver’s license

  • Driver(s) must register in advance on the form above

  • Primary van driver will need to come by the clubhouse during regular Monday-Thursday office hours (or make alternative arrangements) to pickup van and keys, show driver’s license

  • Coach or assistant coach must travel with the team

  • Van should be clean when picked up.  Prior to return, the van must be cleaned up by the team that used it. Failure to return the van clean will result in a $100 charge to the team/coach and suspension of using the van in future.

  • Van fuel tank should be full when picked up.  It needs to be returned with a full fuel tank.  Failure to return the van with a full fuel tank will result in a $100 charge to the team/coach and suspension of using the van in future.

  • The payment of the fuel used is the responsibility of the team/coach/parents – it is up to the coach to ensure this is paid and shared amongst all participants.

  • Diesel fuel only!

  • Driver is responsible for parking the vehicle is a safe place.

  • The maximum capacity of the van is 15 passengers (including the driver) – you may not exceed this number.


All van riders must have valid COVID-19 vaccination cards 


Failure to follow any of the van use rules will result in sanction by LAUFA executive.

Thanks for submitting!

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